Arthemisia 0,38 lt

Arthemisia 0,38 lt

Arthemisia Gold pink metallic 0,38 lt

Arthemisia Gold pink metallic 0,38 lt

Arthemisia 0,75 lt


A beer created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brewery. It is produced with the "Arthemisia Cretacea" plant, typical of the Val d'Orcia, accompanied by the aromas of sage and lemon, as well as a selection of special hops used to achieve a high level of bitterness typical of IPA beers. 

Available in a standard bottle or with the special pink metallic gold coating. 


Clear double malt. Raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer. Refermented in the bottle. (White IPA)


Acqua del Vivo d'Orcia, barley malt, cereals, hops, yeast, arthemisia plant, lemongrass, sage, spices

Alcohol content

6,5% vol.

Serving temperature



Cool and away from light.

Sizes available

380 ml. - 750 ml. also not metallic

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