Philosophy & Mission

Craftsmanship lies in the relationship with our land and its products


Craftsmanship for us is not just a way of production, but it is a company philosophy


The first big difference between craft and industrial beers lays, of course, in the production process: in industrial beers it includes two phases that are not in craft production: pasteurization and filtration.

These two phases are aimed at obtaining a longer storage period and to standardize the taste, eliminating any natural variations, which, instead, remain in craft beer, enhancing all the flavors and aromas of its ingredients.

Moreover, the absence of these two phases is the reason why our beers do not have added carbon dioxide, in fact, since they are not pasteurized, the remaining yeasts themselves naturally produce the carbon dioxide that makes our bubbles. 

But for us craftsmanship also lies in the very close relationship with our land and its products, which become distinctive ingredients of beers that are always unique and original.

Finally, craftsmanship is in the obsessive care that we put even in the small details, not only of our products and their packaging, but also of our collaborations and synergies and in the relationship with the people who work and grow in our brewery.


The other fundamental principle of our corporate philosophy is scientific research. It is no coincidence that our founder is a chemist, and it is precisely from the desire to research local products that the San Quirico Brewery was born and have been carrying out new experiments and interesting research projects over the years, in collaboration with prestigious universities.

From these latest projects BeerBone has been created, the result of the collaboration with SienabioACTIVE, a spin-off of the University of Siena which has the goal of conducting scientific research that evaluates the effectiveness of silicon contained in beer against osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.