A magical place where it is easy to get lost but even easier to find yourself


The Val d'Orcia is a magical place, where it is easy to get lost, but even easier to find yourself, in which to rediscover our connection with nature and in which to appreciate the positive aspects of human intervention on the landscape.



The Val d'Orcia Park, recognized in 2004 as UNESCO World Heritage Site, has in fact been awarded precisely because it is an exceptional example of redesign of the landscape and, as such, is dotted with suggestive corners and views, enchanting villages and natural terraces overlooking its valley, but also of precious crops,  typical products and biodynamic companies more and more innovative.


Our personal bond with this land is evident in every key aspect of the company: from the name, to the logo (which recalls the sweetness of our hills and our wheat), to the headquarters (which was originally on the Via Francigena route), to the names of the first beers (all dedicated to women we were central characters in the history of the Val d'Orcia), but above all from the careful selection of local products used as basic ingredients  of our beers, without the use of preservatives, flavorings and chemical additives. 

This selection of local ingredients prominently features of course the two-row barley of the Val d'Orcia, but it also extends to continuously researching the use of native plants and typical local spices in the recipes of our beers, as it has happened with Athemisia, produced with "Arthemisia Cretacea" a plant typical of the Val d'Orcia or with Catharina flavored with the secret combination of spices used to produce panforte, a traditional ancient Sienese cake.