Beer Tasting and Brewery Visit

Reserve a tasting at the historic venue and a visit to the factory

Discover the authentic taste of our Italian craft beer

Free Craft Beer Tasting

In our Historic Venue

If you are a craft beer enthusiast or if you are simply curious to taste the delights of one of the oldest and most beloved drinks in the world, there is no better place to do so than Birrificio San Quirico!

We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique tasting experience in our historic venue located in the historical center of San Quirico d'Orcia, along the ancient road of the Via Francigena.

Step into our welcoming brewery, where tradition and modernity blend to offer you an exceptional selection of Made in Tuscany craft beers 

Each beer is crafted with passion and dedication, using high-quality local ingredients and artisanal ancient methods.

In our venue, you can enjoy free tastings, during which our expert brewers will guide you through a fantastic sensory journey into the world of Tuscan beer. You will discover the aromas, flavors, colors, terroir and stories behind each product.

At the Production Facility

If you wish to explore the beer production process, book a free tour inside our production facility located just a few hundred meters from the historic venue at Via Garibaldi 39.

Here, you can experience up close how raw ingredients are transformed into beer through an interactive tour. Immerse yourself in the magic of fermentation, maturation, and bottling, and learn the secrets of beer directly from our Tuscan master brewers.

This is a unique opportunity to understand and experience the connection between the production process and the final result in your glass.

Whether you are an expert brewer or a beginner, you will be welcomed with warmth and passion by our team.
Book your experience at Birrificio today and dive into the world of beer. Come and savor the authentic taste of our 100% tuscan products at Birrificio San Quirico, and discover our love and passion for craft beer!

Tuscan Brewery Free Visit


The tasting at the historic venue at 93a Via Dante Alighieri is FREE.
The visit to the factory at 39 Garibaldi Street followed by the tasting at the historic venue has a cost of €10 per person.
Reservations are required in both cases.


The tasting includes: Illustration of the craft beer production process at the new production facility
followed by a tasting of two beers at the old brewery in the historic center of San Quirico d'Orcia.