At Birrificio San Quirico, our beer liqueurs are meticulously crafted using the very same high-quality raw materials that form the foundation of our exceptional beer production: premium malt and carefully selected hops. We take pride in our dedication to creating unique and distinctive liqueurs that provide a rich and immersive taste experience for connoisseurs of fine beverages.

The process begins with these select malt and hops, which undergo a precise and skillful alcoholic maceration, allowing us to capture the essence of our signature beer flavors. This initial step is crucial in infusing our liqueurs with the distinctive qualities that set them apart. Following the maceration process, the liquid is carefully filtered to refine and enhance its purity, ensuring that the resulting liqueur is of the highest quality.

Finally, we add just the right amount of sugar to perfect the balance of flavors in our beer liqueurs, achieving a harmonious and satisfying taste profile. This delicate touch of sweetness complements the bold and robust notes of our liqueurs, creating a well-rounded and unforgettable drinking experience and a digestive action at the end of a meal. 


Alcohol content: about 20% vol., bottle of 0.50 lt.

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Standard – 500ml

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