Box 12pz Small format

Box 12pz Small format



This beer takes its name from "Dionysus", the name the Greek called Bacchus (the god of wine). It is an IGA (Italian Grape Ale) i.e., a style that has combined two worlds, that of wine and that of beer, apparently opposites. It is made with Montalcino grape must and with the addition of blackberry juice that gives it an original rosé color enhanced using a transparent glass bottle. It has a refreshing, complex and pleasantly acidic taste with the aroma of the grapes present but not intrusive, still able to find a balance with malts and hops. Ideal as an aperitif or in combination with pizza or pastry.


Rosé double malt. Raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer. Refermented in the bottle. 


Acqua del Vivo d'Orcia, barley malt, cereals, blackberry juice, grape must Sangiovese di Montalcino, hops, yeast, spices.

Alcohol content

7.5% vol.

Recommended temperature



Store in a cool place and away from light

Available in

750 ml. in see-through bottle

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