Val d'Orcia: Five breathtaking places where you can taste our beer.

Appreciating its scent, feeling the bubbles of its foam on the lips, admiring its reflections in the glass: enjoying a beer that we like is not only a pleasure for the palate, but also a moment of relaxation. And when you are relaxing the location plays a key role, of course. Just as the right setting enhances a beautiful picture, the landscape and the atmosphere around us can help us enjoy our moments of well-being to the fullest. In this article we point out some not-to-be-missed places where you can best enjoy our craft beer, precisely in the paradise where it was born: the Val d'Orcia.

Iconic places in Val d'Orcia: 5 beers for 5 unique landscapes

The name Birrificio San Quirico was not chosen by chance: we have a very strong bond with our region, not only in the choice of local raw materials selected for our products, but also in the emotional tie that connects us to these uniquely beautiful places. The Val d'Orcia Park, recognized in 2004 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is dotted with suggestive corners and views, enchanting villages and natural terraces overlooking its valley, like a promenade on changing sea of green and yellow hills. Come and discover them with us: a selection of magical locations to enjoy the combination of landscape & beer and to discover our treasures.


Beer and picnic in the Tuscan hills: the Essential of nature

There is nothing better than an outdoor picnic to immerse yourself in the Tuscan landscapes and there is nothing better than a good craft beer to cool off a summer picnic. The Natural Reserve of Lucciola Bella, the Strada della Foce, the Pieve di Corsignano, the Strada del Gladiatore the Vivo d'Orcia and many others: there are many enchanting places that we could suggest, but there is one which we are particularly fond of. It is a hidden corner of pure peace and beauty that is located along the Strada del Riguardo and that the Società Agricola Poggiarello has embellished with that little jewel that is the Relais Sce Quiríc


Drinks at the Chapel of Vitaleta: beer and sunset with Iris

Sacred symbol and unmistakable postcard of the Val d'Orcia, the Chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta is a small pearl set among six iconic cypress trees with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, recently restored and brought back to life. The enchanting and quaint Ristoro next to the Chapel offers only products of local excellence and it is the ideal place for a beer at sunset. Don't miss it!


Giulitta by the pool: the charm of Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is a unique village dominated by the ancient stone thermal pool that serves as the "square" of the village and that, with its reflections and vapors, creates a unique atmosphere. In this charming place, a dinner on the terrace of the Bistrò Le Terme will be like traveling through time.


Lunch, beer & a view: at La Terrazza del Chiostro with Catharina

Pienza is worth a visit in itself, but within its enchanting historic center there is also another small gem, housed in a former Franciscan 14th century convent: the Terrazza del Chiostro. The restaurant offers one of the most beautiful and charming views of the entire Val d'Orcia and admiring this panorama with Catharina will make it even more beautiful.


San Quirico d'Orcia: all together passionately


Last but not least we take you where our craft beers are created.  If the motivation for the UNESCO recognition of the Val d'Orcia is based precisely on the link between man and nature and on how human intervention has shaped and improved these landscapes, we thought it appropriate to conclude this roundup of places in Val d'Orcia exactly you can better appreciate the activity of man in the transformation of Val d'Orcia raw materials: our craft brewery. Here you are able to see and understand the various stages of craft production and, at the end of the visit, taste a selection of our beers. It will also be an opportunity to discover our delightful hamlet: we are waiting for you!