Amber beer chili jelly

Amber beer chili jelly

Amber ginger beer jelly


To those who love something truly unique we offer our beer jellies, made with artisanal techniques respecting the style of the Birrificio San Quirico. We called them "creamy" to attest how their taste recalls that of our craft beers but with a special texture. In 6 varieties: "Chiara" (Lager), "Ambrata" (Amber), "Chiara alla cannella" (cinnamon lager), "Chiara alla menta" (mint lager), "Ambrata al peperoncino" (chili pepper amber) and "Ambrata allo zenzero"(ginger amber) all ideal to accompany the pecorino cheeses of the Val d'Orcia. 

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Net weight 100 g (also available in larger packaging for catering).

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Gelatina di birra ambrata allo zenzero


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